What Patients Say About Us

Aaron Lear

I was recommended to Fort Mohave Dental about 10 years ago by a family friend for a toothache I was having. I had been up almost 2 whole days without sleeping or eating and was in severe pain. I was treated almost immediately, and with the up most kindness and patience a customer could ask for. To this day I still cannot express my deepest thanks and appreciation for Dr. Qun and Dr. Mark Collins' professionalism and hard work! Not only did I become a lifelong patient of the Collins' dental practice...but a friend and later a colleague as well.  I've had a chance to personally and thoroughly work side by side, hand in hand with both Dr's on many, many procedures, ranging anywhere from a simple cleaning, to a very complex and detailed dental implant procedure...and I can assure ANYBODY that may be considering their office for dental treatment...that you are making the RIGHT choice by visiting this office! Fort Mohave Dental has it all....from a very pleasantly mannered, kind, and professionally trained staff with great bedside manner - to a beautifully maintained and fully operational clinic with state of the art equipment and technology - You very plain and simply cannot go wrong!  The thing that really sets this clinic above and beyond the others in the surrounding area, for me anyhow...is that you will NEVER feel rushed, unappreciated, or obligated. By this, I mean that you as an individual, will be seen with the compassion and honest/genuine care that you deserve - all while keeping YOUR BEST INTEREST in mind. You are not just another number at the end of the day! Unlike most other places, these guys take home your burdens and concerns with them. They'll laugh with you - hear what you have to say about your life and families - consult with you on "multiple" treatment options(not just one way and that's the only way) - work out payment plans with you for your limited budget - follow up with you after treatment - make sure you are comfortable while being treated - talk in simple terms that you will understand - and try their hardest to meet your needs, desires, special requests and specifications. But above all, you will receive skilled craftsmanship that is long-lasting, precision driven, and most importantly, work that is performed hassle-free, with no discomfort, and INTEGRITY being a cornerstone of the foundation and principles of both Dr's and their skilled staff!  Fort Mohave Dental....where business feels like family!

WenXiu Z

I started to notice my teeth was looking yellowish after my braces was removed.  While going through the orthodontics treatment taught me a lot about the importance of dental health and appreciation of beautiful teeth, it also made me more aware of how dental treatment could sometimes be uncomfortable.  So as much as I wanted to get rid of the yellow color on my teeth, I dreaded the possible sensitivity and discomfort and kept on postponing the procedure.  Dr. Qun and I were college room mates.  In 2004, when I went to Vegas for a conference, I wanted to visited Dr. Qun, that's when we talked about my desire of whiter teeth and my fear and hesitation regarding teeth whitening.  Dr. Qun took a quick look at my mouth (teeth and jaw) and said she could get me in and out in an hour, and she did.  The whole process, taking impression, creating mold, and making 2 sets of whitening trays, did not take more than an hour.  I have what Dr. Qun calls "very small jaws", which is hard to work with.  But in Dr. Qun's skillful hands, I did not feel any discomfort.  After that, Dr. Qun also helped me pick the right whitening gel, which had very good result and no sensitivity.  Looking at the smile I have today, I feel very grateful to Dr. Qun for her help in overcoming my fear.  Dr. Qun is very fun and caring, her staff professional and friendly, together, they make dental visit pleasant.

Ben Haney

I have been a patient at Fort Mohave Dental for 10 years and I would never consider changing dentists.  My dentist is Dr. Qun Collins and she is a wonderful dentist that takes her time with all of her patients.  Dr. Qun truly cares about her patients and insures that they receive proper and thorough dental care.  Dr. Qun is a consummate professional and is aware of the fact that some folks (like me) are afraid of dentists.  Dr. Qun  has a great sense of humor and her skills as a dentist are superb.  Although Dr. Qun's husband, Dr. Mark Collins, has never worked on me, I have heard from his patients that he is also a great dentist.    My hygienist is usually Kirsten and she does a magnificent job cleaning me teeth.  Brooke, another hygienist who sometimes cleans my teeth, is also a pro that cleans every nook and cranny.  These ladies know their business.  Lastly, the staff at Mohave Dental are friendly and accommodating. They make you feel at home and will work with you in order to make dental appointments convenient to you, the customer.  They make you feel like a big fish!  I remain a satisfied customer,  Ben Haney.

Patrick Vollaire

Dr. Mark has taken care of my dental needs for the last 3 years. During that time I've had a couple of wisdom tooth extractions and 3 crowns done. Everything looks and feels great. Its like they were my original teeth. Always quick to answer any question I've had and the followup calls to see how I'm doing have been great. If your looking for dental care in the Tristate area I would not hesitate to recommend Fort Mohave Dental! 

Winnie Z

When I first moved to the area, I was switching dentist every year for 5 years, until I found Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins.  My family has been seeing Dr. Mark and Dr. Qun for almost 10 years now, they are the best dentists in town. We love the individual attention they provide, the gentle touch, and the fact they always stay current with the newest technology.  The girls at the front desk not only remember the names of my kids, they also seem to recognize my voice on the phone. They really make me and my family feel at home.


Awsome dental office. The best dentures in the Mohave County. They know how to do all types of dentistry and treated me so well.

Mike Lueck

The staff is AWESOME!!!  Dr Mark and his staff is great.  I am not a fan of going to the dentist, but they made it a great experience.  The best dentist in town and there prices where very reasonable.   I know you don't want to go to the dentist but since you do go see Dr Mark.   Thanks for everything!!!
Member Comments: 
I had a soar tooth, I called on Monday afternoon and they got me in the next morning.  By the time I left the office I was feeling better.
Karen Aldrich
I have been going to this dental office for the past 12 years and have NEVER had a bad experience.  I had the First Dental Implant back in 2000 and it is still doing it's job today.  I have had Root Canals and Crowns and Fillings anf Dental Cleanings and never had a bad time.  When the Dr's Collins do a job they do it right and as professional as any one could ask. I reccommend this Dental Office to everyone I meet, and am happy to do so, because, when I speak to them after their appointments they are so happy to have been referred. 
Keep up the GOOD WORK!! 

Member Comments: 
Every time I have been to this office I have been treted just fine.  I have had no bad reactions or experiences, nor do I expect any.  

Tanya Kelley
You are the best dentist in the tri-state area.

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