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At Fort Mohave Dental in Fort Mohave, AZ,  Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins  provides the latest in dental implants and restorative dentistry technology.  Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that serve as anchors for replacement teeth.  When a patient is missing one or more teeth, dental implants are the most permanent (and often the most comfortable) solution.  Read on to learn more, but don't forget to visit our smile gallery to view some before-and-after photos of the dental implants results enjoyed by our Fort Mohave dental implant patients.

Steps for Dental Implants

The first step in the dental implants process for our Fort Mohave dental patients is a consultation with Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins, during which all possible tooth replacement options will be discussed. To be a good candidate for dental implants, the dental patient must have sufficient bone in his or her jaw to support the implants.  Once it is determined that the patient is a good candidate for dental implants, Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins will surgically implant the titanium screws that will serve as anchors into the patient's jaw. The next step in the dental implants process will occur two to six months later, after the titanium tooth roots have completely fused to the patient's jaw bone. Once this has occurred, the patient can return to our Fort Mohave restorative dentistry office where Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins will fit the custom-crafted replacement teeth onto the patient's artificial tooth roots.

Dental Implants Preferred Over Dentures 

Many of Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins's Fort Mohave area dental implant patients prefer permanent dental implants over traditional removable dentures for several reasons. Dental implants are nearly indistinguishable from a patient's natural teeth, unlike dentures which look artificial. While traditional dentures need to be removed nightly for cleaning, dental implants are a permanent tooth loss solution that require no additional maintenance outside of a good oral hygiene routine. Dental implants also allow patients to feel more comfortable while speaking and eating because dental implants are permanently affixed to the patient's jaw and won't shift or slip as with traditional dentures.

Get Started Today 

Only the most modern dentistry treatments are available at Fort Mohave Dental because we are committed to giving patients beautiful smiles they can be proud of for years to come. However, we strongly believe that the best foundation for a stunning smile is a healthy mouth, which is why we take general dentistry very seriously. Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins and our knowledgeable staff of dental professionals are dedicated to ensuring that all patients receive the most thorough care available during their twice-yearly dental examination and cleaning. 

The Dental Examination

The first part of a general dentist visit is a full mouth X-ray which allows Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins to examine the health of your teeth and underlying jaw structure. During your examination, Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins or a Fort Mohave Dental hygienist will use a small pick and mirror to examine each tooth for cavities, plaque and damage. You will also undergo a gum examination where your gums will be gently probed to detect any signs of gum disease. The final step in your general dentistry visit at Fort Mohave Dental is a head and neck examination, which allows Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins to inspect for any potential issues with glands or joints, such as TMJ disorder. After your thorough examination, Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins will sit down with you to discuss the results of the exam and plan any necessary repairs or treatments.

Thorough Dental Cleaning

The second part of your bi-annual check-up at Fort Mohave Dental consists of a complete professional dental cleaning conducted by one of our gentle and caring dental hygienists. While it is recommended for adults to brush their teeth three times a day and floss once daily, the reality is that most people only brush twice daily and floss rarely.  Even the most hygiene-dedicated patients who brush and floss regularly will not ever achieve the same results as that of a deep cleaning from one of our trained dental hygienists. For the best dental health and cavity prevention, it is important to have your teeth professionally cleaned, polished, and treated with fluoride twice a year. 

Contact Fort Mohave Dental

If you are looking for a caring and thorough dentist in the Fort Mohave area, we encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins by calling us at (928) 758-8887. Each member of our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our patients are always comfortable and well-informed during their visits with us. We look forward to your call and welcoming you to the Fort Mohave Dental family. 

If you are interested in learning more about your tooth replacement options, especially dental implants, contact our Fort Mohave office at (928) 758-8887  to schedule your restorative dentistry consultation with Dr. Mark Collins and Dr. Qun Collins today. 

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