Snoring/Sleep Apnea

What is Snoring?

  • The Muscles in the back of the throat relax and narrow the airway creating a smaller opening.
  • As you breath the air is forced through the smaller opening creating a vibration know as snoring.
  • Snoring may appear harmless, but it can be a sign of a serious medical condition known as obstructive sleep apnea

What is Obstructive Sleep apnea?

  • The muscles in the throat relax and the tongue is pressed against them creating a blockage of the airway. (See picture below)
  • Air does not flow to the lungs.
  • When the brain senses the air no longer flows and doesn't bring enough oxygen, it partially wakes you up and the blockage stops allowing the air to flow again. You gasp, snort, whistle, choke or jump.
  • After you start breathing you fall back asleep and the cycle starts all over. This can happen hundreds of time each night.
  • The constant waking and sleeping cycle is what makes a person tired and un-refreshed when they get up.
  • Sleep Apnea is a dangerous medical condition. It causes many health consequences and may reduce your lifespan by 8-10 years. It causes many illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, weight problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, brain damage, cancer and more. It causes relationship problems and hurts the health of loved ones sleeping in the same room.


How do we treat Snoring/Sleep Apnea?

  • We first have you fill out the patient information forms online or in person. This is information about your health, insurance and more so we can better treat you. Call our office at (928) 758-8887 to find out which ones to fill out on this website.
  • We then do an exam of your oral health, and physical health to determine if you are a candidate for treatment. We use the aucustic reflection equipment ( The Eccovision Acoustic Diagnostic Pharyngometer and Rhinometer). We are the only dentist in Mohave County that uses this equipment to evaluate your nasal and oral airways. Without it you can not do a thorough exam, and can't verify the vertical and horizontal dimension of the appliance.
  • We then take a mold of your upper and lower teeth and have a custom oral appliance that is FDA and Medicare 510 approved made for you. (see sample picture at top of page). This appliance is adjusted to a proper setting and may need to be adjusted several times to reach perfection.
  • We teach you how to use the appliance and maintain it, we also follow-up with you to ensure you are doing well with your treatment and your condition is improved.

What we do:

We don't do anything harmful or non reversible. We don't do surgery for snoring/sleep apnea. We don't use masks. We do what we believe to be the best treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea and also those who can't use a CPAP mask. In our office we treat snoring and sleep apnea with a custom oral appliance that is FDA and Medicare approved. We believe in this so much because Dr. Mark Collins himself uses an oral sleep appliance and it has improved his health and helped his wife sleep in the same room

Billing: Please call our office (928) 758-8887 for information on your insurances. With no insurance call our office for a list of fees. (928) 758-8887

Dr. Mark Collins is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.

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